• Brian from Dublin

    I purchased a house in Sicily through Buy in Sicily - Real Estate,
    I would highly recommend this company and its Director Fabrizio Vitellino,
    the whole purchasing process was carried out very professionally.
    Since the purchase he has been most helpfull in all matters, a pleasure to deal with !

  • Iain MacPhail (Edimburgo)

    "Possiamo fare tre commenti, tutti i tre sono molto positivo.
    1) Abbiamo lavorato con Fabrizio Vitellino per comprare la nostra casa.
    Lui e' stato molto chiaro nella sua correspondenza, o in Italiano o in Inglese, sempre disponibilie,
    e noi siamo stati contentissimi con la casa ed anche con il servizio di Fabrizio.

    2) Abbiamo lavorato con Fabrizio quando lui ha fatto organizzare i lavori per la ristrutturazione della casa.
    Ancora lui ci ha fatto contattare con chiarezza, e sempre disponibile,
    ed i lavoratori che Fabrizio ha trovato per fare i nostri lavori erano tutti bravi.
    Un capolavoro. Noi siamo contentissimi.

    3) Abbiamo lavorato con Fabrizio per affitasi la casa. Lui ha fatto un buonissimo lavoro,
    e tutto era molto facile per noi."

  • Jack ten Haaf (Holland)

    The contact that we had and have with this company was above our expectation.
    Not only the excellent knowledge of all different facets and negotiation of selling
    a house but much more. Fabrizio Vitellino helped us with all kind of formal matters
    to make it easier for us buying the house. As a foreigner it is not very difficult to buy
    a house abroad but you must know the local rules and procedures. We didn't.
    Fabrizio helped us a lot with that. Even after selling we can contact him for all kind of things
    like insurance and so. So not only selling the house and bye bye but more than that!
    It's good to have a good company behind you!! And this is the best one!
    So our dream came true; a house in the beautiful Sicilia.

  • Ing. Marcello

    Vendere la mia casa in Sicilia potendo andarvi solo pochi giorni all'anno e non sapendo bene come e a chi proporla e pubblicizzarla
    sembrava un'impresa davvero difficile, per fortuna però ho trovato l'agenzia Buy In Sicily!
    Fabrizio Vitellino con molta professionalità, disponibilità e cortesia mi ha aiutato in tutti gli aspetti.
    Mi sento davvero di raccomandare l'agenzia per l'ottimo lavoro che ha fatto per me!
    grazie, alla prossima

  • Charmaine from Malta

    We had been looking to buy property in Sicily for some months.
    After making many contacts, we were impressed with the professionalism and genuinity of Buy In Sicily
    especially that of the director Mr Fabrizio Vitellino.
    Everyone was very helpful, always ready on the phone and emails are answered in less than 24 hours.
    They made our transaction of buying a beautiful seaside home very pleasant, straightforward and easy.
    Documents were always readily available, everything necessary was scanned and emailed to me,
    and the guidance they gave us was impeccable.
    Even after the sale was concluded he assured us that they will remain available
    should we need any more help regarding the property.
    We are very grateful to Mr Fabrizio Vitellino and will always recommend his agency Buy In Sicily
    because they are helpful people whom you can really trust.

  • Nicola Carrera Taormina

    Avevo una casa a Taormina che non riuscivo a vendere per colpa del brutto momento che abbiamo
    e stiamo passando ma per fortuna ho conosciuto il Sig.Vitellino che grazie alla sua alta professionalità
    ed alle sue doti comunicative è riuscito a trovarmi un cliente ed a chiudere l'affare facendomi fare un ottima vendita.
    Grazie a ciò, sentendomi appagato, ho pubblicizzato ad amici che vogliono vendere ed acquistare
    il nome della Buy in Sicily Real Estate.

  • Malfait Paris

    We really appreciated all the efforts of Fabrizio Vitellino to help us understand
    his country and discover different houses, all matching our briefing.
    As it is a fairly difficult decision to make when you don't live in the country,
    we trusted him when he said he would help in everything. And when we decided to go on, we weren't disappointed at all.
    Fabrizio was always with us when we needed him.
    He made all what he could to facilitate the progress of our project with the administration, the notary and even the architect.
    We are very grateful to him and recommend his agency to anyone who feel like Buying in Sicily.

  • Mary From London

    I purchased my apartment near Catania in Sicily in 2007 from Fabrizio
    on the understanding that he would be the project manager for the renovation work.
    During the time the work was being done Fabrizio kept us closely in formed and was always very helpful.
    The work took a little longer than expected and inevitably was a bit more expensive but we were delighted
    with the end result and the standard of work was excellent.
    After we moved into the apartment I found I still called Fabrizio to sort out some problem or other usually
    because my Italian wasn't quite good enough in some situations.
    He never seemed to mind and was always charming. We fell into the habit of emailing in each others language and his English
    is about as good as my Italian so that has been fun.
    I still feel I can get in touch and he will always help if he can.